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Child Care Training Programs


First Aid – Exam, Triage, Bleeding Emergencies, Burns, Shock, Strains and Sprains, Fractures and Dislocation, Head neck and Back injuries, Diabetic, Seizures, Stroke, Poisoning, Heat and Cold Emergencies 3 hrs. 

CPR – How does CPR work, Skills Components, Signs/symptoms 3 hrs. 

Bloodborne Pathogens – Bloodborne disease, Transmission, Exposure Risk, Standard Precautions, Containers, color coding and labels, Exposure, Exposure Control 2 hrs. 

Childcare Supplemental – Injury Prevention & Infectious Control – Indoor Safety & Health, Injuries in childcare,  Safety/Cleaniness check, Appropriate toys, Safety Policies and Behavior Management, Playground safety, Falls, Transportation, Strangers, General Safety, Childhood Illness, Handwashing and Diapering, Bloodborne Pathogens 3 hrs.

Safety Training and Aquatic Rescue/Pool Safety – BBP, Airway Management, Rescue Breathing, Rescue Breathing in water, Facility Assessment, Victim Recognition, Emergency Action Plans, Prevention, Surveillance 6 hrs. 

Fire Prevention Safety – How fire works, Causes of fire, Prevent fires, Housekeeping, Evacuate, How to fight small fires, Classes of fire, Fire Extinguishers, PASS 2 hrs.  

Disaster Preparedness –  Prepare, equipment and supplies,  Before Disaster Strikes: Protective action, Evacuation, Shelter in Place, Natural Hazards, Man –made Hazards, Special needs 2 hrs. 

Anaphylasxis/EpiPen – What is anaphylaxis, What causes anaphylaxis, Signs/symptoms, Prevention and treatment, EpiPen use 3 hrs. 

Asthma Nebulizer Inhaler – What is Asthma, Signs/symptoms, How to use inhalers and nebulizers 2 hrs.  

Choking – Partially or complete airway obstruction, Conscious and unconscious, Abdominal thrusts 1 hr. 

Handwashing – When hands should be washed, how to wash hands 1 hr. 

Lice – Types of lice, Cause, Symptoms, Exam and Testing, Treatment and Prevention 2 hrs. 

Morning Checks - Exclusion for Illness, What to look for 1 hr.

Rashes – Types of rashes, What they look like, What are they caused from, Check Your Symptoms and  Emergencies 3 hrs 

Safe Food Handling – What is foodborne Illness, Who is at risk, How does food become hazardous, Foodborne Pathogens, How to handle food, Control Points 3 hrs. 

Pediatric AED –  What is AED, How are they used, 2 hrs. 

SIDS – Define SIDS, State ways to lower SIDS risks in child care settings, Identify SIDS-related resources. 2 hrs. 

Taken Care of Caregivers – Promote adult health, Prevent work-related injuries & illness, Address caregiver mental health, Use modeling to teach children healthy behaviors and attitudes, Use publications, OSHA, NRC, AAP as sources of help 1 hr. 

Dental First Aid - What Causes Dental Emergencies? How We Prevent Dental Emergencies? How Do We Treat Dental Emergencies? 1 hr. 

Lyme Disease –  Recognize the type of tick that can cause Lyme disease, List how the diagnosis is made, Recognize the earliest signs and symptoms of Lyme disease, Outline the treatment, Demonstrate means to help prevent the possibility of Lyme disease  1 hr. 

Diarrhea and Vomiting – Define, common causes, consequences signs and symptoms management, seeking medical help 2hrs.

SAFE Factors of Play Environments – S = SUPERVISION, A = AGE APPROPRIATE DESIGN, F = FALL SURFACING, E = EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE four major risk areas in the playground environment 3 hrs.

Birthmarks – types of birthmarks and pigmentation disorders that can be mistaken for Child abuse 1 hr. 

Sun Exposure –  Sun helpful / harmful, protection and effects1 hr. 

Cold Emergencies – recognizing, treatment, prevention of frostbite and hypothermia 1 hr. 

Heat Emergencies – related illness, treatment and prevention1hr.

Cold, Sniffles and Wheezes - Identify the significant differences between the respiratory tract of infants and young children and adults, urgent respiratory threats, management,  signs and symptoms 2 hrs.

Transporting Children in Child Care – Delaware Child Restraint law 2 hrs.




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